We support and fund passionate founders in early stage start-ups phase
WhO are we?
Contrivance Ventures is an angel investor network focusing on pre-seed and seed deals in the Central and Eastern Europe region (CEE). We provide early stage startups with partnership, advice and funding.
Our Philosophy
Contrivance Venture's mission is to give entrepreneurs in the CEE region access to investment and expertise, while continually supporting portfolio companies in key activities to achieve exceptional performance.

Also, we believe that early stage investing in CEE countries is both profitable and socially desirable to foster growth, support innovation, and create a positive social impact in the region.

Why CEE Region?
Value for money
CEE countries have strong talent with solid education and experience high growth, but suffer from limited access to funding
Stability and growth
Countries in the CEE region offer high growth with economic development driven by government support
Small investments go further
Due to extremely low operating costs such as labor, rent, and production, a small amount makes a real difference
Personal experience
All team members have strong personal network and expertise in the CEE region
Geographical arbitrage
Producing or developing in low-cost countries, while creating revenue in high-cost countries is a trend that has been enabled by the recent shift to remote and online
What we look for
CEE startups with international scalability
We support CEE startups that grow steadily in local regions and can scale globally. We like serial entrepreneurs with a genuine passion for innovation
We are interested in industries which are up for disruption and innovation and where our team have the expertise and can make a difference
Pre-seed and seed focus
We finance and support companies at the early stage. We believe that our experience and hands-on mentoring approach can help such promising startups become breakthrough organizations
Where we direct investment matters. We make sure to only invest in value-driven companies, helping communities to foster growth
We are looking for businesses with high defensibility and scalability potential through innovation
6 months
Minimum commercial track record and a clear go-to-market strategy
5X returns
Minimum profitability potential within an investment horizon of 3 to 5 years
€10,000 – €500,000
Private funding requirements
Meet our team
Bjoern has a background in strategy consulting from McKinsey & Company and product development for FinTech startups. He holds an MSc in Information Systems from LSE.
After founding and running multiple businesses in Russia and Europe, Evgenii turned to investing. He holds an Masters in Accounting and Finance from University of St. Gallen.
Viktoria has a banking and equity research background but has recently transitioned to venture capital investing. She holds a Masters in Management from London Business School and an MBA from INSEAD.
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